DOTA2 Rules
1 Sides and Ban/Pick determination

A. Referee uses “Roll” function to determine choosing order, the winning team may choose BP order or sides.

B. For the second game the team that lost in the “Roll” chooses BP order OR Sides

C. For the third game (if have), the winner in the second game may choose BP order or sides.


2 Bans/Picks

A. Once Bans/Picks phase starts, if a athlete not handling the ban pick disconnects, the athlete must reconnect immediately, the BP shall continue.

B. If the person in charge of Bans/Picks disconnects during the Bans/Picks phase, the game shall be restarted with the same drafts.


3 Item Sharing

Item sharing may be used but shared items cannot be sold.

  4 Disconnects

A. In the event of a server crash resulting unable to reconnect, the draft, starting items, and laning will be kept the same with the match re-played.

B. If any problem arises due to on site equipment malfunctioning, please notify the referee to pause the match immediately. The referee will make decisions based on the situation.


5 Pauses

A. If referee request a pause, both athletes must keep their hands off keyboards and mouses. Before the referee announces restart, the matching behaviors are not recorded. The athlete(s) raises pauses without appropriate reason is seem as give up the game.

B. In certain circumstances, both sides are allowed to pause up to two times during the game. The athlete must type "PPP" in chat before pausing as well as notify the referee the

reason behind the pause. The pause time could not exceed 3 minutes.

C. Athletes cannot communicate with each other during the pauses.


6 Team Event

A. The maximum number of team members is 8, including 5 regular athletes, 3 leaders, coaches, or back-up athletes. Committee will cover the cost for only 6 members.

B. Team members must submit applications through official website. The removed athlete must be removed from the team list also. The team that make the cut to the Ashgabat offline final must submit an application before July 21st, 18:00 (GMT+5).

C. All the athletes must be registered in the team list. If the number of athletes are less than 4 because of team issues (e.g. injuries), the team will be disqualified.