Hearthstone Rules
1 Edition

i. Standard mode in the latest edition will be used. When new champions and cards are released, athletes can use them freely.

ii. It is not allowed to make use of the bugs. The Committee reserves the right to ban the champions and cards that will cause bugs.

iii. The bugs in newly released edition will be automatically banned.


2 Deck

i. Decks (screenshots) should be submitted to committee by email one day before the game. Once the decks are submitted, they cannot be changed. Violated athletes will be disqualified and might subjected to further penalties.

ii. The submitted decks cannot be changed during the same stage. Decks can be changed once the athletes enter the next stage. Stages include but not limited to:

* Country selection

* Regional selection

* Offline final group stage

* Offline final elimination stage


3 Conquest Format

i. Each athlete must use all 2 to 4 decks to defeat the opponent in order to win the match.

ii. When an athlete wins a game, he can no longer use the deck he won the game with in the match.

iii. When an athlete loses a game they may choose to continue using the same deck or change to a different deck that has not been banned and has been submitted to the referee prior to the match.

iv. athletes will be informed the champions that their opponents might use, but

they can not know which champions their opponents have chosen before the game starts.


4 Tie

If both heroes die simultaneously,

i. they will both win that specific game if neither of the decks are the last deck.

ii. the game will be replayed if one of the decks are the last deck, and both of the athletes cannot change the decks.


5 Disconnection

If the disconnection is caused by objective reasons,

i. the game will be replayed if neither of the athlete can win the game in the next round.

ii. the athlete that can win the game in the next round will be regarded as the winner of that specific game

iii. If the disconnection is caused by athlete, the athlete who cause the disconnection will lose the game. The athlete who cause the disconnection on purpose will be disqualified.