The 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games e-sports events starts today

The fifth Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games (AIMAG) e-Sports event officially starts today at 9AM, Ashgabat local time (GMT +5). Four titles, including Hearthstone, StarCraft II, Dota2 and KOF XIV are competed in AIMAG. This tournament will be fully covered with online live streaming.

285 people, including 202 athletes are in the Chinese Delegation for AIMAG and 15 Chinese athletes entered AIMAG e-Sports event (Zeng Zhuojun, the pre-race favorite for KOF XIV title, did not come because of visa issue.). In next 3 days, Gold, silver and bronze medalists will be selected for each title after fierce competition.



Check Schedule and Results for the Fifth AIMAG e-Sports Event:


The Fifth AIMAG e-Sports Event Official Live Streaming:



Live Streaming Schedule:

9月25日(GMT +5)

09:00 Dota2 | GrA R1 M1

11:30 HS | GrA R3 M1

12:45 KoF | GrA R3 M2

13:30 SC2 | GrB R1 M1

14:15 KoF | GrA R4 M2

15:15 HS | GrB R3 M1

16:30 KoF | GrB R2 M1

17:15 SC2 | GrB R2 M3

18:00 Dota2 | GrB R2 M1


9月26日(GMT +5)

09:00 Dota2 | GrA R3 M1

12:00 HS | PO M1

13:15 KoF | GrA R5 M1

14:15 SC2 | GrB R5 M1

15:00 Dota2 | PO M1

18:00 SC2 | PO M2

19:30 KoF | PO M5 (GF)

20:45 HS | PO M7 (GF)


9月27日(GMT +5)

09:00 SC2 | PO M5 (GF)

10:30 Dota2 | PO M3 (GF)

13:00 Medal Ceremony