The second day of the AIMAG 2017 eSports event review





Day 2 at AIMAG eSports section started with decider matches in Dota 2. Team Turkmenistan lost their last game and left the tournament with 0:4 score by games. Team China A gets victory over Philippines and secured 2nd line in group.


For playoff stage teams was seeded by results in groups. Team China B was seeded to Jordan, as 1st line with 4th line and Team China A matched up with Philippines. After first playoff round two teams went to the final: Team China A and Team China B. And the 3rd day will show who is deserve for golden medal.


Match for the bronze ended with 2:1 for Philippines. Jordan team ended the tournament on the 4th line.


Dota 2 bracket


StarCraft II


Final round of the group stage give no surprises, Nikan Saboori from Iran and Filipino Tamboboy Jess Joa has left the tournament. Rest of the athletes moved to playoffs to fight for the main prize.


Zhou “iAsonu” Hang gets to the final, as it was expected from one of the most powerful Chinese players. Wang Lei make him a pair, but the best StarCraft II player will be determined on the 3rd day of eSports competitions.


Chen Ming-Cheng and Bataa Ononbat meet in 3rd place match. Prestige battle ended with Mongolian player supremacy on 3 maps, which give him 3rd place in the tournament and bronze medal.  


1 place -

2 place -

3 place - Bataa Ononbat

4 place - Chen Ming-Cheng

5-6 place - Huang Yu-Hsian

5-6 place - Mayor Cenor Jr

7-8 place - Tamboboy Jess Joa

7-8 place - Nikan Saboori


StarCraft II playoffs bracket and results


King of Fighters


2 day for LOF started with playoffs. Athletes from 5 countries left in the game: Iran, Pakistan, Philippines, China and Chinese Taipei. According to bracket, Su Haojun and Rodolfo III Panganiban was seeded into semi-final while the rest 4 players were forced to start from quarterfinals.


By the end of the day 2 best athletes meet each other in the final, Lin Chia-Hung and Tseng Chia-Chen both from Chinese Taipei. In strained match Lin was stronger and win the game with score 3:2.


3rd place decider match was played between Su Haojun and Rodolfo III Panganiban. Luck was on the side of Chinese player and he achieved 3rd place medal.


Results of the King of Fighters


1 place - Lin Chia-Hung

2 place - Tseng Chia-Chen

3 place - Su Haojun

4 place - Rodolfo III Panganiban

5-6 place - Soltanabadi Ali

5-6 place - Hameed Shahid

7-8 place - Princeton Jagolino

7-8 place - Farooq Usman


King of Fighters playoffs bracket




After first day only 8 players left in the battle for gold medal. Liu Bo, leader of group A, continue his winning streak in the playoffs. He beat both Chinese Taipei players on a road to final and demonstrated great strategies against Tumenbayar Nambarjin in the general battle for gold.


3rd place decider game between Chen Yung-He and Liu Shuda ended with Chinese Taipei player victory.


1 place - Liu Bo

2 place - Tumenbayar Nambarjin

3 place - Chen Yung-He

4 place - Liu Shuda

5-8 place - Mangulabna Dustin Matthew

5-8 place - Vongxay Nanthanakone

5-8 place - Castillo Richard John

5-8 place - Tsao Tsu-Lin

9-12 place - Nurmyradov Serdar

9-12 place - Hasnain Sardarmuhammad

9-12 place - Shoukat Saqib

9-12 place - Batyrbekov Olzhas


Hearthstone playoffs stage results