The final day of the AIMAG 2017 eSports event review

Final day of the eSports section coincided with the final day of whole Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games at Ashgabat 2017. Most of the tournaments have been ended, but Dota 2 and StarCraft II gold medals was still waiting for the champions.


Game day started with StarCraft II final between Zhou Hang and Wang Lei. iAsonu was the favorite of that game and he confirmed expectations with 3:1 score and earned the golden medal of AIMAG eSports.



Medal distribution and results of StarCraft II at AIMAG eSports:

1 place - Zhou Hang - gold

2 place - Wang Lei - silver

3 place - Bataa Ononbat - bronze

4 place - Chen Ming-Cheng

5-6 place - Huang Yu-Hsian

5-6 place - Mayor Cenor Jr

7-8 place - Tamboboy Jess Joa

7-8 place - Nikan Saboori


Dota 2 final was next on the stage. Both Chinese teams A and B fight for the title of the best at Olympic eSports. First map ended in 40 minutes with total domination of Team China B. For the 2nd map A team choose heroes for strong push, but Viper and Magnus from China B was able to stop them and win the game and match. China B - champions of the Dota 2 AIMAG eSports!


China B roster:

  • Chunbo Li

  • Xu Ziyang

  • Yaoyang Zhan

  • Kang Lu

  • Hao Lu



1 place - China B - gold

2 place - China A - silver

3 place - Philippines - bronze

4 place - Jordan

5 place - Turkmenistan