Interview from the champion of KOF XIV ET


Q:Hello,ET,please briefly introduce yourself.

A:My name is Lin Jiahong. And I also go by ET. This is my first time of participating in this event. 


Q:As a famous fighting game player,when did you start getting invloved?

A:I started to get involved around age 7 to 8, almost 25 years ago.


Q:To you, what is the most attracting part from the fighting games? 

A:Fighting games have fantastic combo. Those games bring people excitements when gaming with one and another. 


Q:How would you differentiate fighting games from other types of e-sports games? 

A:We may not necessarily needs to have a team. We just need to count on ourselves and fight on our own. Moreover, there is no need for us to have coaches. Therefore, the scheduling of the training sessions are different than those games that are played by teams.  


Q:As a fighting game player, what type of skills do you consider to be the most essential ones? 

A:I think the most important thing to keep in mind is that you should not be afraid to fail. Because there are always winers and losers. The correct mindset is to figure out how to win the next competition. With the advanced information technology nowadays, we watch videos about how other gamers play and learn from others experiences.  


Q:This is your first time to Turkmenistan,How is your experience so far? 

A:The city is very clean here. And the environment and air condition are excellent.


Q: Do you expect the fighting game to have more opportunities to become an official sports in major sports events in the future?

A:Of course I do. There are so many people who feel enthusiastic about fighting games. There are lots of opportunities for us.


Q: Last question,what is your expectation for this event?

A:To win the gold metal for sure.