Alisports Gifts eSports Merchandise to National Olympic Committee of Turkmenistan.

On September 26th, 2017 at 11:00 AM local time in Turkmenistan, Alisports hosted a press conference inside 2017 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games Media Center. During the conference, Alisports represented Asian E-Sports Federation (AESF) with Alisports Vice President Liu Yong presenting a series of E-Sports related merchandises to the National Olympic Committee of Turkmenistan to show support for the local E-Sports development. Mekan Eyeberdiyev was on site to represent National Olympic Committee of Turkmenistan in receiving the gifts.


On September 19th, Kenneth Fok was elected as the newest AESF President and aimed to bring electronic sports closer to the Olympics standard with hopes that through the development of Asia E-Sports, the sport will eventually be integrated into the Olympic family. During this year’s Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, DOTA 2, Hearth Stone, Starcraft II, and the King of Fighters XIV were selected as exhibition games to be showcased in Ashgabat, and received much fanfare from the local younger audience. During this press conference, Alisports represented AESF, to show support for the development of E-Sport worldwide, and using the opportunity of Turkmenistan hosting the 5th Asian Indoor Games, the Chinese sports company was able to present various premium E-Sports hardware. Alisports Vice President Liu Yong stated during the conference, Alisports’ goal is to show unconditional support for AESF with the hopes to promote the influence of electronic sports throughout Asia.


Mekan, representitive from Turkmenistan Olympic Committee says:

“The Fifth Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games allows more local e-Sports lovers to take part in it, it opens a window for us to go to the world, letting us to know developing and athletics level of e-Sports in other Asian countries and receiving plenty of valuable comments through communicating with atheles from different countries. Our partners provide us professional supports in people, technique and event organizing experience. It will definitely attract more young people take part in it in Turkmenistan.”